International Symposium on Flexible Automation
July 15 - 19, 2018 KANAZAWA, JAPAN
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A Message from the Mayor of Kanazawa,
for the ISFA 2018 International Symposium

Yukiyoshi Yamano,
Mayor of Kanazawa

It is a great honor to welcome guests from across Japan and around the world to Kanazawa, on the occasion of the 2018 International Symposium on Flexible Automation.

The city of Kanazawa is located near the center of the Sea of Japan coast, and just two and a half hours from Tokyo via the Shinkansen. The center of the city is home to Kenrokuen ? one of the Japan’s three finest gardens ? as well as other outstanding destinations that draw visitors to Kanazawa, such as the traditional urban scenery of the Higashi Chaya district, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. The city also enjoys a location near both the sea and mountains, providing the wide variety of fresh, delicious ingredients that have led to the development of Kanazawa’s rich food culture, including delicious sushi, the local Kaga Cuisine, and more. I hope that you will enjoy some of these local specialties during your visit.

Kanazawa’s history as a center of learning, arts, and culture began centuries ago with the Maeda Clan, who served as the feudal lords of this region from the beginning of the 17th century through the mid-19th century, focusing their influence on these fields as a way to develop the city. These cultural and artistic efforts developed into the traditional performing arts and traditional crafts that have been handed down in this region to this day, and remain a part of daily life for the people of Kanazawa. Indeed, traditional crafts like Kaga yuzen dyeing, Kanazawa gold leaf, and Kutani-ware are widely known as symbols of Kanazawa’s rich heritage. In 2009, UNESCO selected Kanazawa as their first Creative City in the field of Crafts and Folk Arts; By further increasing the city’s charm and working to cultivate the next generation of people who will inherit Kanazawa’s cultural heritage, we aim to grow into a center where people from across Japan and around the world can cross paths through manufacturing.

In addition to valuing and preserving our traditions, Kanazawa is also a city of innovation: beyond traditional culture and historic buildings, the city is full of creative, innovative modern art and modern architecture. From the Motenashi Dome at Kanazawa Station to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, I am convinced that visitors will be struck by the provocative and creative atmosphere of the city. Beyond these, the city also works with institutes of higher learning, performing joint research to bring about innovations through cutting-edge technologies.

I hope that during your time in Kanazawa, you will be able to experience the “real Japan” with all five senses, in a city that values both the old and the new: in the townscapes, the handicrafts and performing arts, the food culture, the sense of hospitality, and even in everyday life.

I hope with all of my heart that each and every attendee of this symposium has a truly wonderful time here in Kanazawa.

Yukiyoshi Yamano, Mayor of Kanazawa


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